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plecion0 I oítb.. foned, and cannot fay nay to it , but yields 2nd delivers up himfelf to the Gofpel, to be moulded and call into the holy figure there- of, then there is true faith wrought in him. Pence faith is fometiines 'let out by filence in :Scripture , truly my Jo' ttl waíteth on God , Pfai.62. t. or as it is in the Hebrew, my fäul is filent to God; when the truth comes in the -clear evidence and demonftration of the fpi- rit, the foul is filent, let God fay what he will , the foul contradií`ls not, but keeps an holy filence , fealing and fùbfcribing to the truth and goodnefs of God inevery thing; Moreover, God works it in the power of fpi- ritual arms , e,!Jting down Jlrong holds, and captivating thoughts to the obedience of Cbrz, .2 Cor. I o. 4, 5. when God comes to the heart, which naturally is as a thong City, full of forts and towers of pride, and by unbe- lief barred and fall locked up againfl all ho- ly truths, and layes a clofe fpiritual liege to it, and (huts it up under fin and wrath, and makes inward batteries upon the forts and towers thereof, and the trumpet of the word founds louder and louder in, confcience; till the curfed walls fall down , and the ever - laf ing gates be opened to the Lord of glory and the heart furrender up it felf with all its thoughts , as a willing prifoner to thole Col-pa-truths which before --it irnprifòned in unrighteoufiìefs,, Shen there is precious faith indeed -; the heart, which before was flint p , now opens it fell' to the truth , as we fee