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r56 Dr.Rey- nolds de libr.Apcc. Plcciocco fatti,, in a very wonderful way, as the Hones were in 7ordan, corruptions, as the waters of that river, Handing on an heap on this fide, and as it were cut off on that, whileft free -grace is a doing the great work. On the other fide, the indulgence of original fin doth impede refzg- nation, and by confèquence faith : A man that foothes up the old man and earthly members, and upon the view of his heart returns om- nia bené, all is well as it is , the heart is good enough, cannot, whilefi fuch, believe and why ? to believe is to reíign, and why or how fhould he refign to Chrift for grace , who feels no want ? fetch an one really poor but opinionatively rich , turns off all the rich offers of grace , as Efau did Jacobs prefent, I bave enough and goes away empty from all the treafures of Chrift. Secondly, All unknown aaual fins are not objlacles to refignation, and fo are not obftacler to faith. Who can underil and his errors? Pfal. 19. 12. who fo knowing as to know his in- telledual errors ? It hath been obferved by fome Papifts , that there are above zoo er- rors in the Commentaries of Cardinal Caje- tan, in the Mali-6'r of the fintences, whom the Papifts extol as more worth then one hun- dred Luthers, two hundred Melancons, three hundred Bullingers , four hundred Martyrs, five hundred Calvins , they have yet noted more then twenty erroneous Articles , unto which they add this, hic Magijier non tene- tur;