Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

ieeíatio Faít i. tur ; who fo holy as to underhand his practi- cal errors ? no man ever fearched the gulf of corruption in his own heart to the bottom, no man ever fully meafured the breadth of the pure Law ; there are in the belt reliques of felf-love which cover a multitude of fins , blinds of cufom, which hinder the fight of fin s what with carnal profits which blow duff into our eyes, and what with carnal plea - fures, which, becaufe brutith and beftial, hin- der reheEtion ; there is a great deal of fin unfeen to us, which is plain to the pure eyes of God. On the other fide, where unknown fins are obfacles to refignation , they are alfo obfacles to faith ; of which I íhall give force inflances. Some unknown fins are therefore unknown becaufe they arife out of an Abyfs of darknefs, out of a grofs ignorance of fun- damentals in the heart, and fo in refpcd of their origine are inconfifient with faith, whofe origine is light , fuch ignorant ones cannot refign ; fin to them, becaufe unknown, is no burden ; holinefs to them, becaufe unknown, is no beauty ; Chrift and grace to them, be- caufe unknown, are no attra6tives; and how can they refign ? refign recumbentially they cannot, for they know not the promifes ; re- fign obedientially they cannot, for they know not the precepts ; refign in an bumble docible- neß they cannot, for they know not fo much as their want of knowledge. Again, foene fins, though unknown, carry in the matter of them a dire0 repugnancy to refignation anti fo