Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

ss plcciouo ,raítü. fo to faith. For inftance , every man hath fome natural Popery in his heart, he would be ¡unified by a righteoufnefs of his own. The Jews being asked, whether they believed to he faved by Chrifts righteoufnefs , made this anfwer, every fox muff pay his own skin to the flayer, every man muft iland upon his own righteoufnefs ; he that Both thus, need not, cannot relign to Chrifts righteoufnefs : he need not, for why should he go out of doors for a righteoufnefs which he bath within in his own heart ; and he cannot, for ¡unification by our own righteoufnefs and ¡unification by Chrifis are contraries, and fo are a dependance on our own righteoufnefs for ¡unification, and a dependance on Chrifis for it. Hence the Jews, when they went about, though ig- norantly, to ellablifh their own righteoufnefs, could not believe, they fubmitted not them - [elves to the righteoufneß of God, faith the A- poflle, Kom.io.3. their own unreíigned righ- teoufnefs kept them from believing, as be- ing in the very matter of it contrary there- unto. Moreover, fotne fins, which may not be known for fins in the matter of them, may yet be darlings , Deli/abs and as the He- brew word imports, exhauffers, fuch as drain out. the very marrow of the heart , I mean, the prime love, choice 'delire , and fupream delight thereof. Thefe in refped of their intimate conjunHidn with the foul are barns to refignation, and fo to faith. flow can ye believe which receive honour one of another ? faith