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160 : 2ectouo fat* about him, his faith may look up to the mer- cy -feat ; on the other fide , known actual fin iffuing out of deliberation, if it be but in one tingle act, Both, whileft it is acting, put a barr to refignation, and fo to faith, for that tingle at is rebellion, and how can a man, whileft he is knowingly in arms againft God, refign ? it is as the fin of witchcraft, i Sam. 15.25. and how can a man, who is virtual- ly in covenant with the devil, enter into terms with God ? that faith is not truly re- cuinbential, which is not alfo obediential, nei- ther doth it, can it, indeed lean upon Gods grace, whileft his holinefs is reje ±ed. And if filch known deliberate fin in One Jingle a6} put a bar to faith, much more will it do fo when it is in a courfe and feries of fuccelrive rebellions. Thus St. John faith , whofoever finned) that is , makes a trade and runs a courfe of known fin, bath not feen him, that is, Jefits Chrift, who was manifeffed to take away fin, 1lob. 3.6. filch an one, though never fo full of Scriptural notions , never yet faw a crucified Chrift by faith , never yet looked upon the right mercy-feat , never yet Jet foot on the precious promifes of the Gofpel ; Chriff and Belial cannot be in con- cord, for Chrift is a holy Chrift , a Chrifi upon his throne, and the trader in fin is a man of Belial, -a man (as the Hebrew word imports) abfque jugo, who calls off the holy yoke from his heart and life. Fifthly,