Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

Pleciotto sAitb. Fifthly, That faith (lands in re fignation , may appear from the alis of refignation made by faith. Faith in Enoch refigned up his life, and in a fpiritual fenfe every believer is by faith tranflated; Enoch -like he is not in the lower world, but fo far as he believes, taken up by God and converting in heaven. Faith in Abraham refigned up his only one, his Ifaac; and every believer, every child of A- braham treads in the fame fleps of faith, go- ing up into Moriah into the vifion of God, and there offering up the only one of the heart, the darling love and joy, there. Faith in Mofes refigned up Egypt, and in that refign- ed up all the world, for in doing thereof his eye was not on force other part of the vi- fible world, but on the invifible God ; and in every believer faith takes the world and cafts it behind his back as dung and drofs for the excellency of Chrift, regard not your fluff, faith faith, all the Land of promife, a heaven of glory is before you : wonderful are the fur - renders which faith makes in the believer , it furrenders up his underfianding to fuper- rational myfte-ies. Meer reafon goes no farther then its own fphear of natural noti- ons but the line of faith runs as far as fupernatural myfteries , fuch as the lingua lutea , the clay tongue of man cannot ut- ter , fuch as lippus oculus , the weak eye of reafon cannot fee. Again, it furrenders up his will to fuper -moral fèlf-denials. The Moralifts felf - denial is but the artifice of M lair