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19zectOU£i fan. 163 ventures all upon the bare word of God, and delres no better fecurity then that for all its expel- ations. Sixthly, That faith ffands in reftgnation may appear from the [cope of Religion. It is the very center of all Divinity, and grand axiom therein, that the creature is to be aba- fed and God exalted, no flefh muff glory in it fell, but in the Lord, all pride mutt be ftain- ed, and boafting cut off, that God may be all in all, and the creature nothing. Now no- thing is, nor can be more accommodate to this Central Divinity, then faith , confider- ed under the notion of refignation ; which I íhall thew in the following particu- lars. Firff, This doth exceedingly abaft the crea- ture. Refignation is the loweft pofture of a creature , and fo the fitteft to take in all thofe graces Which Golpel hath entailed on be- lievers. Would you have adoption from God? leave thine own kindred and thy fathers hoofe, Rand not upon thy birth-right or parentage , which in a child of wrath, Such as thou art by nature, is as bale and low as hell it Pelf; go forth to Chrift the natural fon of God, that thou mayeft be an adopted one. Would you have pardon and juffiftcation ? flay not at home in thine own righteoufneß and repentant tears, thefe will not be habitable, when God comes in the pure glory of his juftice and holinefs, go out and put on the glorious righteoufnefs of Chrift, go out and lye down at the door M 2 of