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162 lectougi Scab. his reafon , but the believers is a very great . myflery. The Moralifl denies only the beaft , the brutifh lulls in his fenfitive affec` ions, but the believer denies the more fine and fpiritual fins in the Will it kif. The Moralifts delign is only to advance the Empire of Reafon over the lower faculties , but the believers is to advance God and his holy Will over himfelf , and all that is in him. Moreover , it furrenders up his affe- ¿lions to fuper- fenfual joyes and pleafures The Senfualift is for the Paradife of fenfe , but the believer for the Paradife of God : The Senfualift fwills in brutifh pleafures,and fparts himfelf with the volatile joyes of the flefh, but the believer is upon the wing af- ter the joyes of the fpirit , and the pure ri- vers of pleafure above. In a word , faith is virtually all the refignations which are in intelleäual humiliations , inward mortificati- ons, and outward martyrdomes. In intelletJu- al humiliations, faith makes reafon , though a Queen in her own dominions, come down and tit at the foot of revelation. In inward mortifications faith makes the regnant lull come off from the throne of the heart , and bids the believer , as Jofhua his Captains , put his feet on the neck of his luit. In out- ward martyrdoms, faith bath empowred men to kifs the 'take, and embrace the flames, and cry out, as the bleifed Martyr did, welcome (meet crop of Chrif ; and which is the crown of all the refs, in all thefe refignations faith ven-