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neciousi jdit1je Thomas Arundel was for his Martial merits /bade Earl of the Empire , Queen Elizabeth faid, that her fheep fhould not.be¡tamped alieno ftigmate, with another mans mark; as long as men will keep the worlds and Satans 'mark up- on them, God cannot tell .how to-. call them Ions ; can he ju¡tifte the -ungodly.? to .jufiiíìe the ungodly repenting and religning, is his infinite grace, but to juftitie them hardning and rebel- ling is impofiible to his holinefs , fhould be count them pure'with the , wicked balances,Mic. 6. ix. every unrefigned fanner }lath a wicked balance in his heart, which makes as if a lit- tle finful pleafure did outweigh God himfelf, and can he juftifie fuch wicked ones ? f}iould the fanCtifying fpirit with all its train of gra- ces-, come and dwell in the unclean fiable of indulged lufis ? Chrift the holy one of God -was in his admirable humility in a fiable of beans, but in a Liable of indulged lufts he can- not be; he dwells in the heart by faith, that is, in the religning heart, and it cannot be o- therwife : Mercy .it .felf, if it comport with the juftice and holinefs of God, cannot make lower terms then to ' fave the .yielding-- fin- ner. Secondly, It exalts the wifdom of God. He bath fo admirably contrived the way of fal -. vation, that mercy ¡hall íloop to the loweít terms, and the creature take it in the lower pollure, .that- fo mercy might fit in majefiy, and lave in ítate: Princes life in their as of mercy togive ana }lay of Majefiy, fuch as may M'3 fund 165