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166 1 CCiaUO , attb. Rand with their honour. Solomon will par- don Adonijah, but he mull be a worthy man, or as the Original is, a fon of virtue, r Kings r. 52. King Henry the fourth of France would have freely pardoned Birone, but then he mutt make an ingenious confeflion of the treafon, which he negleEting to do in time, loft his head. The great God gives out mercy to poor (inners, but theymuft take it upon the knee, in a bending and reiigning pofture, fuch as is congruous to fo infinite a Malefty; they mull be put into felf- emptying and felf- annihi- lating thoughts, as Mofes into the clift of the rock, while the glory of free -grace pafl'es be- fore them. Thirdly, It exalts the veracity of God. The believer rcfìgns up his foul, himfelf, his hap - pinefs, his all upon the meer word of God , giving him the glory of his truth in every tit - tle. what Peter faid to Christ, when he bad him let down his net, Meer we have toiled all night and have taken nothing, yet at thy word 1 will let down the net, Luke 5. 5. that faith the believer unto God, Lord, I am toil- ing in the dark, under fin and wrath, but, at thy word I will call my felf upon free -grace ; I am labouring under fpiritual wants and ne- -ceflities, but at thy word I will repair to the great treafures of grace in Chritt, fill he hangs upon a word : its true, he refigns up himfelf to Chritt and free-grace, but his war- rant for doing fo is a meer word ; how doth he know that the infinite Ocean of mercy whof: