Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

x 68 1 cttouO fat* cy, Oh ! I cannot rife, I cannot repent and believe and turn to God ; Oh ! that I might be taken up out of this grave, if 'it were but into a crucified world and a crucified Chrifi, if it were with the lofs of my regnant lulls and darling corruptions ; Oh ! that it might be ! I dare fay, God, who buries none alive, will take him up, nay, he hath already done it in fome meafure, the firft refurretion is be- gun, and he is under a promife of life ; but if the grave be his choice , if he love to lye rotting in his fins , if Ariadne his efpoufed lust can perfwade him to do fo, he is wil- lingly loft, his perdition it of himfeif, and Gods jufiice is as clear as the Sun.