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INECtOLIO t Attl a 167 whole effluxes are free, will flow out to fin- ful men ? how doth he know that the Son of God was incarnate and fuffered on 'a crois for them ? why, the word is nigh him,manifeft- ing there heavenly myfieries unto his heart ; í1ill he hangs upon a word, that, if we make a true fearch, lies at the very bottom of all his faith,as the foundation thereof. Fourthly, It exalts the juffice of God. Ma- ny great Rabbies have been caught by the head in the Controverfal thickets , whileit they have difputed about Gods juftice in the con- demning impotent men. Not to enter into the briers ; there feems to be much in this, that. God condemns none for bare impotency, but for height and pride and contumacy in that efiate. Chrifts queftion to the impotent man is very remarkable, wilt thou be made whole, Joh.5.6. O thou impotent man, if thou art fènfibly weak in thy impotency , poor in thy poverty, and low in thy low eftate , furely creating grace is palling upon. thee ; but if thou art iirong in thy impotency, rich in thy poverty, and high in thy low estate, thy con- demnation is just, becaufe in the pride of thy heart thou wilt not yield to be faved on the terms of the Gofpel. Zeno the Eaftern Em- spondan d. peror, being in a fit of the Falling- ficknefs, Aanal.Ec- taken for dead, was buried alive, and when he attrAnno cried out lamentably to be taken up but into a 4.91' Monastery, his wife Ariadne would not fuffer it. If the poor firmer lying in his fpiritual grave, mourn and groan under his impoten- M 4 cy,