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plcttouo faftb 17 in him to enjoy mirrors of truths, Sabbaths of love, rivers of pleafures, and plenitudes of joy and bliff for ever; and what wifer defign can enter into mans heart ? furely none, as the laft day will demonflrate , when it (hall put an eternal blufh on all other defigns. And as his end is the wifefi, fo his way to it is the fureft, he goes to it by Jefus Chrifl,whofe merit as a golden key unlocks the doors of blifs to the believer, and whole Jjiirit attires him with all graces to make him fit to enter in, and all this is not a fancy, a fools Paradife, but a truth, a real thing, founded on that infallible word, which ftands falter then the pillars of heaven and earth. But to unfold the fagacities of faith more fully, I ¡hall confider them with relation to feveral ob- jec`ls. As to God, the believer fees the invifible one, and that after another rate then meer Natu- ralifts and Notionaliits do, he hath more then a bare notion, he bath the myffery of God in his heart, as the phrafe is, Col. 2. 2. he that bath but the meer notion fees him afar off, and knows not how to fanetifie fuck a Ma- jetty in his heart, no more then Cardinal Perron did, who firft in an excellent Oration before the FrenchKing proved there there was a God,and then being much applauded by the Auditory, offered the next day to prove the contrary, but he that hath the myftery, fees him neer at hand , and fo prepares a room for him in his heart ; a fear for his Majefty,