Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

17z Mu laud 5aíí,. a love for his goodnefs, a faith for his truth and mercy, a joy for his falvation, putting each of eE ion into a pofture futeable to forre one or other of his Divine Attributes : he that bath but a notion of Gods Omniprefence, can fport with his fins, as if there were no God in the place, but he that hath the myfte- ry of it, Abraham- like, walks before God, or to his faces, as the Original is, Gen,17.1. eve- ry where there is a face of God appearing, to deter him from fin, and excite him to holi- nefs ; he that bath but a notion of Gods grace, bath no favour, no relifh of the fweet- nefs thereof ; which I fuppofe makes the con - verfe of force great Scholars as dry and lap - kfs as Cardinal Pools Sermon about the Pall ; but he that hath the myftery of it , ta(ts how gratious the Lord is, and is ravifhed, as if hea- ven opened, and force drops from the rivers of pleafure there, were let down upon his heart; be that hath but a notion of Gods ju- ftice, can fit in his lufl;s before the fparks of his own kindling, and be no more afraid at the threatnings in Scripture, then Jehojakim was at the burning of the roll, Jer.3 6.24. one hilt or other confumes all the roll of Divine, threatnings, but he that hath the myftery of it cannot do fo; to him hell flames out in e- very threatning, he trembles at the word, and faith, O my foul, be not deceived, if thou live after the flefh, thou wilt dye, if thou flip) into the fief'', thou mug reap corruption. He that hate but a notion of Gods power , cà , de- fptfe