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174 plCCtWUo fan. thing is true in him and in you, i John 2.8. Why fo ? becaufe, faith he , the darknefl is paff, and the true light now fhineth ; a man may tell the Rory of the meeknefs, humility, holinefs , obedience , charity , patience in Chrift ; but if the true light do not thine in him by faith, if thefe graces be not true in Chrift and in him, he hath not the myftery thereof : the fpyes coming back from Cana - an , brought not only a bare report of the good Land , but duffers of grapes alfo ; he that hath the myftery of Chrift, hath not on- ly a meer notion of the full treafures of grace in him, but duffers of graces from thence as fo many real proofs thereof; the Apottle Paul doth notably decipher this fagacity that I may know him, and the power of bis re- furreftion, and the fellowfhip of his fuferings, being made conformable to his death, Phil. 3. so. If a man hath only a notion of Chrift crucified and Chrift rifen, we may charaóer him as Erafmus did the Monaftery he was in , there is mhil Christi, nothing of Chrift crucified, where lufts are living and reigning, nothing of Chrift rifen , where the foul is dead in trefpaffes and tins; he only knows the fellcwfhip of Chriffs fufferingr, who hangs up his earthly members on the crofs to dye and expire ; he only knows the power of Chrifts refurreaion, who hath felt the farne Almigh- ty power which raifed up Chrift , quick- ning his foul to a heavenly life : this is the mystery, the fo learning of Chriff, as the. ex- preilion