Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

leciouo laitij. fpife Gods hand in fmnall croffes, jufl as the proud Greeks, who when Calli polir was loft, faid the-Turks had taken but a bottle of wine ; but he that bath the myftery of it dares not do fo, well knowing that the lighteft aftli- &}ions come from Sbaddai, the Almighty, and if need be , he can ftrike harder ; he that hath but a notion of Gods All- fufliciency, hath his affelions fcattered up and down the earth, as the poor fraelites were over Egypt for ftraw, to gather , if it were poffible, a happinefs from the flowers of the creature ; but he that bath the myftery of it , knows how by a compendious wifdom to have all in God ; roll over all worlds the world of thoughts wifhes and defies in the heart, the world of riches honours and pleafures in na- ture, the world of pardons graces and com- forts in Saints, the world of joy gloryand bea- titudes in heaven ; and after all this, the belie- ver can tell you,all thefe are to be found inGod, habet omnia,qui habet habentem omnia,after this manner the fecret of the Lord is with the be- liever. As to Jefus Chrift the believer bath the myffery of him in his heart. A man may have a notion of God manifeft in the flefh, but un- lefs he have an heart of flefh, an yielding re- figning heart for God to manifeft his fpirit and graces in , that the heart may in force meafure be made anfwerable to the fpirit and graces in Chrift, he wants the myilcry of it. St. John, (peaking of love, faith, which thing '77