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PICCí6LL i1aít . mediately he calls it back again, yet not I, but Chrift liveth in me, Gal. 2. 20. well knowing that all his grace had its being from the true Immanuel jerus Chriff, and its continuance from the continual influxes of his fpirit,which are in a fober fenfe a kind of Immanuel, God with us ftrengthening graces where they are weak , quickning where they are dead, upholding where they are falling, and by an inceffant fpiration influencing Being into them , that they may not vanifh into no- thing. As to the oppofite , fin, the believer fees more of the finfulnefl of fin, and yet more of the holy God about it then others do. He fees more of the fi fulne fl of fin then others. Next to Chrift , who weighed tin upon the crofs,he of all men knows belt how to weigh it; the natural man may put in the breach of the Law into the leale, but he puts in all the bloody aggravations, the fuffòcated light,and abufed love, the quenchings of the fpirit, and the rejeIions of Chriff, the broken vows and lying promifes of obedience , the ftabs of confcience and warning pieces of wrath, the meafures of d_ elight and obflinacy in fin, and the heaps of guilt in reiterated finning, no man makes fin fo fìnful as he ; the pure light of faith being up in the heart, every fcarlet thread in the contexture thereof be- comes vitìble ; and yet after all this, the be- liever fees more of the holy God about it then others do, and that whether he look on the N fins 177