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7s 1 2Ctiuuo leap. fins of others, or his own. As to other mens, we have many examples in Scripture ; the meffengers that came to Job, fpake of the Sabeans and Chaldeans oppref ion , but the Lord bath taken away, faith holy Job, Job I. 21. when Shimei curled David, Abifhai looks no further then Shimei, why fhould this dead dog curfe my Lord the King? faith he , but what faith heavenly David-, the Lord bath Paid unto him, curfe David, 2 Sam.i6. 9, to. In the crucifying of Chrifi-, carnal men looked only at the infiruments, fuch as Pilate and the Jews were, but the Saints faw Gods hand and Gods counfel in it, Alts 4.28. As to his own fins, there is a famous infiance in the Churches complaint, 0 Lord, why háf1 thou- made us to err from thy ways ? and hardned our heart from thy fear? Ifa. 63. r7. What ? were they not fenfible that the error and hardnefs were their own ? yes doubtlefs,they were more fenfible then others , as appears by their mourning and longing for the Lords return, yet they cry out, why haft thou made us to err ? and why haft thou hardned us ? the believer when he looks upon providence and fin, hash a fpiritual fagacity to determine the matter. God is holy, while man is unclean; God wife, while man foolith ; God merciful, while man cruel : the light is Gods, and the darknefs mans; the order Gods, and the a- taxy mans; the juflice Gods,and the unri;hte- oufnefs mans. As to Satan, the believer knows him by the word more truly then all the