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P CCtOUo aft b. 18 r Canaanites, God will never never leave me nor forfake me,that was a particular promife made to Jofhua, yet is by the Apoftle accommo- dated to believers, as being in his flate, Heb. 13.5. If a man fuller for the true God and his worfhip, he is in the fiery furnace and the fin of God is with him to comfort and fupport him, if he have a good confcience made fo by the blood and fpirit of Chrifi , he is in the Ark, and (hall never drown in the common perdition , r Pet. 3. 20, 2 1. there is a cloud of witneffes , in which faith obferves righteoufnefs going before, and mer- cy following after. Again, the believer ap- propriates bad fiates and bad confequents, fee in what way Gods wrath brake out againfi fu ch a man , in the fame way will it break out againfi me, faith faith ; if I am murmu- ring and unbelieving, I am in the Ifraelites fiate, and without repentance I'hall dye in the wilderneß and never enter into reft ; if I wallow in the mire of grofs and fenfual fins, I am in Sodome and Egypt, and may exped their Iine of plagues and eternal fire : it I love the wages of riteoufnefs, I am in Balaams way, and may look for his end ; if I sleep in my indulged lufi, Î am in Delilahs lap, and like to lofe my own fircngth and Gods pre- fence ; there are our types or figures , as the Apoftle fpeaks , 1 Cor. lo. 6. in which we have a lively imáge and pourtraiturc of punifhments for fin , and from thence may by faith divine , that if fuck fins N 3 go