Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

Ió2 11312eeíaui faíttj goes before , fuch wrath will follow af- ter. As to the prefent world, which ischecker- ed with good and evil things, and hath in it as the Ark had of old, a rod and a. pot of Manna; the believer hath a greater fagacity then others. As to the good things of the world, no man fees fo much of their excel- lency, and withall no man fees fo much of their vanity as the believer doth; take the world in its own place and Ration, and thus it is a rare monument of the eternal power and Godhead, the invil`ible fpirit renders him - 'Ielf vitìble, and as it were palpable in it, e- very being in nature thews forth the Being of Beings, every beam of light points to the Fa- ther of lights, every drop of goodnefs leads to the great Ocean, every harmony among the creatures tells of an infinite Artificer : this is the fenfe of the creation,, which faith underfiands better then learning. Philofo- phers and great Naturalifts may fee more of the creature then the believer, but the belie- ver fees more of God in it then they ; they gaze molt on the fine letters and charaâers in nature, but he belt knows the fenfe of all, which is -God. On the other fide , take the world into the heart , and there exalt it as the fupream good of man , and thus it is a iye, a fancy, a dream, a fnadow, 7.3;y , a very nothing ; after all its goodly pf,mifes , it is but a lye ; after all its ¡Pleading pomp and glory , iz is but much fancy,