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IS Plecfouo , aitb. Touching which I fhall give fome inflances. God commanded Abraham, offer up thy fon, thine only fon Ifaac, to offer up a fon was a feeming contradiion to nature , to offer up an faac, a fon of promife, was a feeming contradiEtion to Gods truth, who before had faid , in Ifàac fhall thy feed be called , but faith unlocks all thefe difficulties, God is able to raffe him up fruity the dead, faith Abraham, and from thence he received him in a figure, Heb.t 1.19. a parallel to this we may find in all true believers, the children of-Abraham God calls upon them , mortifie the deeds of the body, and ye fhall live ; mortifie and live is a feeming contrad iäion to offer up our only ones, our wills, our loves, our joys, to be slain, looks like a piece of unnaturalnefs but what faith faith ? it is no fuch matter , offer up your only ones , your wills your loves, your joys, unto God, and you [hall re- ceive them again from the dead , railed up in the incorruption of the new-creature , that which was Town a natural will, natu- ral love, and natural joy, [hall be railed up a fpiritual will , fpiritual love , and fpiritual joy , your fouls before dead in fins , [hall have the life of God in them, this it the frrft refurreition ; fuch things as thefe nature laughs at as flrange paradoxes, but faith embraces as rare myfieries. Again, Chrifl faith, take my yoke upon you, for my y,kr: it eafe and my burden i4 light, Math. i i. 29, 3o. what is Clirifls yoke but the Commandements ? and are