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IpleciouO aittj. and duff upon a refurredion , my Redeemer liveth, faith he, Job 19.2 5. though I dye , my Redeemer liveth, and will fetch me up again ; if there were an Engine made which could pull away all the intermediate bodies between us and the heaven- of heavens, we might look into Paradife; faith doth the fame thing fpiritually, it puts by the world and time , and lies at the door of heaven and eternity. Thus the Apolille, we look not at the,. things temporal but at the eternal, 2 Cor. 4. 18. he puts by all temporal things , which as the lower heavens hold back the face of Gods throne, and fo he looks into eternity. There is a fort' of an Oxford Monk, who by his skill in Magick conveyed himfelf into the Northern Regions , and there took a view of the Pole : the believer by the art of faith doth much more, in con - veying himfelf out of this world,., and taking a view of eternity ; in the promifes he fees heaven opening, and letting down force fparkles of glory ; in the threatnings he fees hell flaming, and force of the fire unquench- able breaking out , heaven and hell are no longer notions but fenfations ; in the raptures and joycs of faith he bath been caught up into Paradife, and there drunk of the wine of Angels, in convi ±ions and deep humilia- tions he hath been as it were at Gods Darr, and hanging over the bottomlefs pit. As to feeming contradi &ions, the believer hath a rare dexterity to enucleate them. Touch 187