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PPztctougi 2aitb. ger here, but are rifen zwith Chrifl to, rely the things above. Moreover, it advances moral virtues alfo , it grafts them upon a nobler flock , they are no longer meer bloffoms of reafon, but fruits of the fpirit. Jof phus re- lating the patience of the Maccabees under the torments of the bloody Antiochaas, cryes up, Reafon, Reafon, as if that were the rock upon which they flood ; but fure, he fpeaks below them, a greater then reafon was there, even faith, as the Apoflle afferts , fhb. i r. 3 5. a higher fpirit then their own ailed in their pa- tience, and elevated it above meer morality. Again , meer moral virtues , iffuing meerly out of our own reafon , are apt to breed a moth of pride and vain felf- reflection : here we find the Moralift crowing after a flrange rate, Beate vite caufa & ftrmamentum eft, fibi fidere, turpe eft Deos fatigare quid votis opus Senec. ef-? fác to felicem,- .:xurge te..dignum fame Ef'tfr3i. Deo, as if he would have no other happinefs but what was of his own making ; but when Faith comes, off go the plumes of pride, and humility is as a vail over all the moral vir- tues. I live in temperance and juflice (faith the believing Moralift) yet not I, but Chrift liveth in me. Add hereunto meer moral virtues in their intention , rife no higher then their own level of humanity ; but when faith comes, there is a pearl in the head, a pure intention in each of them towards the glory of God : he that before was temperate to himfelf, jufl to others, and patient to neccilit, is now all there