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ro Mcich.A. dim. Y t. Pbilo foph. liNectouç fait. thefe to God ; Feci Deo is the Motto of every moral aft. To conclude , what fweet and íirong motives Faith adds unto moral virtues , may appear in the famous infiance of Juffus Lipfius , that great humaniti and admirer of Morality, who in his lati ficknefs, being told by one prefent, that he might now fetch much comfort from the Stoical Philofophers, made this anfwer, Illa Punt va- na, Domine 7efu da mihi patientiam Chri- ffianam, thole are but vain things, Lord le- fts, give me a Chriffian patience. Thus much touching Faith in general. CHAP. R