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I2 letíoti .iattO. there out -thine the Sun, out -weigh the earth, out -vye all the treafiires, and out - relifh all the fweetneffes in nature. God is more glorious in the Scripture- robes, then in all the vilìble world: his chariot in the word is ftatelier then that in the clouds. Evangelical light is a richer garment upon him then meer natural ; in the creature there is but a print or footflep of God, but in the Scripture there is his very image and refemblance. Alfo, which is a confequent on the former, this fupernatural light, having the purer glafs, is of a fir greater latitude then weer reafon: it fpreads it fell many myfte- ries, which never entred into natural reafon, but were hid from ages in the divine mind, it takes a view of thofe rare Evangelical pearls which were never digged out of reafons mine, but dropt down from heaven unto the fons of men : But, becaufe the comparifon of thefe two lights as to their outward glaffes and lati- tudes is not fo pertinent, I íhá11 compare them as to their inward natures, and only in fuch things as both of them extend unto , and a vail difference will appear between them. Firf, Reafon is a far lower light then that of Faith: in natural light Reafon is the very facul- ty , but in fupernatural it is but a capacity : God mull thine into the heart, there mull be light upon light, fupernatural upon natural, or elk there is no faith. David prays, open or (as the original hath it) reveal thou mine eyes, Pfal. a r; t S.-There is in faith, a revelation of eyes, and not of ob}eds only ; the Apoflle fpealts of