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lpgctatto said). of being renewed in the very pirit of the mind, Epb.4..23.the rational fpirit is the candle of the Lord, but unlefs it be new lighted it is too dim lince the fall to believe the things of God. Secondly, Reafon is a far weaker light then thit of Faith. It is a light thining in darknefs, and after all its glimmerings, it leaves but a foolifh heart and vain imaginations, Eom.I. 21. it is as a little fpark in an ocean of reigning corruptions , and thefe keep the heart from taking tire with the love of thofe excellencies which are known by nature. The Gentiles knew *. God, but they did not like to have him in their knowledge, Rom.I.2 8. millions of unruly lulls, like the Eons of Belial about Lots honk , befet this natural light, and keep it as it were in pri- fon ; thus the Apofile, they withheld it in íín- righteoufneß, Rom. I. 18. and it is too weak tv break out of this prifon, and fhew'it fif pra- cically : I (hall give Tome inflances hereof. All Nations in all climates and through all ages, have. confpired together to confefs a Deity Confcience within bears witnefs to him, and fo do all the . creatures without alto ; on® would wonder therefore that ever Idolatry thould get footing in the world,but what faith the Apo tle, they changed the trath of God into a lye? and the glory of the incorruptible one into a corruptible image, Kor.1.2 3.25. there were flore of abo- minable idols among them; no doubt natural light gave its fecret- vote for God, but it was but the vote of a poor prifoner altogether in!ig_ niticant,