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r nettvuo San. nificant,it was not ftrong enough to make them own God in his own world. Again , reafon and nature fay, that God muff be worfhipped with the heart, and that a pure heart, purâ mente colendur, was the old verle, in fuo cuiq; confecrandus elf petiore, faid Seneca. God hath not zb,mv oixksepv, a more proper place upon earth then a pure heart , faith Hierocles ; O divine Paying, next door to that of our Savi- our, blfed are the pure in heart, for they (hall fie God. But after all this, can this natural light work a dram of true fan6ity or holinefs in the heart ? No, the very Schoolmen them- felves (who ever give nature her due with an overplus) will not fay fo, only they fay, faci- enti quad in f eft, Deus revelabit Chriffum & largietur gratiam. Well,if this hypothefis(which I am not now to difpute) were true, can there be an inftance given among all the Pagans from the morning of the world till this day, of any one man who by the right ufe of naturals ar- rived at true grace ? If fo, what will become of that in the Apostle ? Who bath called us with an holy calling; not according to our works, but according to his own purpofe and grace, 2 Tim. I. 9. If not, O what a poor weak light is this of nature ? and how long and univerfàlly a pri- fonei hath it been ? indeed true fandíty or ho- linefs is never found without humility ; but touching that, there is no footfiep nor fhadow of commendation in all the Pagan writers, faith the learned Amyraldus it is not fo much as a virtue among them:on the contrary f o ,o4vxia, great-