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20 plcctauO ,1aftí. reafon under the influence of a common bleffing can do ; and then Phew, how much fuperna- tural light Booth tranfcend it. Reafon under the influence of a common bleffing may attain a rich furniture of humane learning, and fo perufing the -holy -Scriptures, may underfiand them by Tongues critically, and by School- divinity di- flintly, and by Logick in the confequences and connexions, and by fliflory in forne Propheti- cal parts, and by Rhetorick in the tropes and figures, and by Comments in the abfirufe and difficult places ; and confequently it may ga- ther in a great notion of Divinity, much larger in the extent and latitude thereof then the knowledge of many true believers. Yet after all this notional knowledge attained, there is in the meanefl true believer an higher and diviner light, a thing above meer reafon and noti- on and this I (hall demonftrate feveral ways. Firfl The light of reafon with all its ac- quired notions is not a light as yet congruous to the things of God, which are fpiritually dif- cerned only by a fupernatural light. To make out this, it will be worth our while to confider that famous place, i Cor. 2. where the Apoltie clearly diflinguithing two forts of men, the na-, turai man and the #iritual ; and two forts of ftirits the #irit of man making the natural man, and the j irit of God making the fpiritual man; and two forts of objets, the things of man, which are the line of knowledge to the natural man endued with an humane fpirit,and the