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24 191ectoUo ,TAlt j. do as Zuinglists did,who having arrived at Arts and Tongues, yet in the reading of the holy Scriptures , looked up to heaven. As for the great Dolor the holy Spirit, when he comes in fupernatural illumination, then we know the things of God, not by our own fpirit but Gods, the very fame fpirit which breaths in the Scrip- tures, [hines in the heart. Hence fpiritual things are difcerned fpiritually, by a light congruous to their nature ; the fpirit glorifies and (hews forth Christ, as the expreffion is, john 16.14. Holy truths are as it were transfigured and [hewn forth in glory,which before were feen but in the fleíh or weaknefs of the Letter; the Deity íparkles out in the beauty and fpiritual luftre of Scripture -myf cries, which before only appeared in the humanity of words and phrafes. Now heaven opens,and free-grace paffes before us, the fecret of the Lord is with w, and we are of his Privy Councel. This is the firfr and funda- .damental difference, Reafcn with all its acqui- red notions is not a light congruous to fpiritual things, but the light of Faith is : Out of this all the other are derived. Secondly, Meer Reafon digging in the Letter of Scripture,arrives but at notions and [hadows of knowledg, and though thefe be as the fands on the fea fh ore,they are but a form of1Z,nowledg, $om.2.2o. but when the light of faith comes, there is found wijdom,Prov.3.21. or,as the origi- nal word is, effence; a thing which can no more be made up of meer notions,,then a body can of Thadows. Faith is the fubftance orr fiibfftence, of things