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1leciauo fait!). things hoped for,Heb.i i.i.without it,notions and literal knowledge have no hypofa fis in the heart; the fpiritual world is as it were loft ; God and Chrift and Heaven, are but notions : But as foon as faith comes and makes the day -break in the heart,the fpiritual world fubfìfts afrefh. God is God,and Chriftis Chrift,and Heaven is Hea- ven to the foul,all of them are reallized by faith; there is agoodtreafure in the heart,far more fub- ílantial then Arts and Tongues and School-noti- ons can make. thirdly,Reafon with its notions arrives but at a knowledge f al fly f called, for it knows not the things ofGod as they are propofed to be known; thofe things are propofed to be known not as meer notions,but as pracical things : to be in the firft place chofen,loved, embraced and pra- ifed, but it knows them only notionally and not praihically.That knowledge,whileft materi- ally true,hath a fecret lye in it;thus the Apoftie, He that faith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandements, is a lyar,and the truth is: not in bim, ¡Job. 2.4. 'Tis not in him in, a "pratical way,fo as to ballance the will and affedtions with the excellency of the things_ known ;but as loon as faith comes, thofe things axe known as they are propofed to be known as pra ±ical things to be improved in heart and life.The fupernatural light digefts truths into blood and fpirits, and turns myfteries into godlincfs. It knows Law and Gofpel in their true tendency,which is holi- nefs;not to be holy is to blaít and prophane the meaning of both. Fourthly,