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ieumen 1pieciaao f ait j. verily things: wifdom fpeaks excellent things,' Prov.8.6. or, as the original is, it fpeaks princes or princely things,holy things are fuch in them - felves.But when they are taken in by faith, they have a mighty power in the foul: Gods com- mand to Abraham, entring by faith, wrought down into his will, and he offered up his Ifa- ack,. Gods warning to Noah, entring by faith, wrought down into his fear,and he prepared an ArkT he word works eiët7uabÿ in them that be- lieve, filling the inward man with holy affetti- ons,and the outward with holy fruits. I thall conclude this difference with an excellent firmly of a worthy. Divine ; A child and a man come into a corn field together, the child falls in love with the blue and red weeds,but the man is for the folid corn : a man of meer notions falls in lave with curiofities,and fine f eculations,but a man of fupernatural light is for the fpiritual and pralli- cal truths in Scripture ; thefe are the corn his foul mull live upon, whilef1 the other are but gaieties, and for a thew. Thus far I have fpoken,what this fupernatus- ral light is. I thall now proceed to thew that it is requifite to faith : and this will appear in the particulars following. Firft,Unlefs a man know that God is,he can- not believe ; how can he reli on the teilimony of him, whom he knows not, to have a being ? This propoíition,Deus eft, is according to Aqui- nac,the preamble of faith : Nay, in the Apoille, it is the firf fundamental faith,He that cometh to God,muft believe that he ,Heb. i i.6.But you will fay,