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P2ccíouo JFaítb. fay,What need fupernatural light for this ? Na- ture and Reafon make this known , and indeed they do fo,but fo weakly, as not to raife up any one faculty in fallen man untoGod his Creator. Never did natural light fo fhew a God, as to raife up his love out of this vain world, nor as to raife up his faith out of creature - confidences unto God.W herefore this firft principle mull be feen by a fupernaturaI light, which is indeed a middle kind of light,between the light of glory above,and the light of nature below : It fees the invifible one,not as the bleffed Saints fee him in the heavenly vifion, nor as the meerNaturalifts fee him by the glimmerings ofreafon, but in a middle way of gracious illumination. This our Saviour calls eternal life, Job. 17. 3. heaven dawns in it,and nature is ifulîrated by it. Secondly,As the firft ilep of knowledge in or- der to faith,is Deus eft ; fo the fecond is, Deus verax,God is true,yea truth it Pelf, and the firfi archetypal truth,his teftimony is infallible, and all his words Tea and Amen. llnlefs this be known,a man cannot believe him as a God; the believer feti to his feal,that God ii true. nd,if he did not know ir, his Peal would be to a blank: and though natural light reveal the truth and ve- racity of God ; yet,as I Paid before,weakly,and therefore fupernatural is required. Thirdly, The third flep of knowledge in or- der to faith,isDeus dixit, feurevelavit,God bath fpoken or revealed hirnfelf in the Scriptures. Thefe are the very words and teflimony of God himfelf. If a man do know that God is, and is true,