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3 4 1 ecLouo . Aítíj. much as named in the writings of the worlds Sophies.Plato andAri({otle never arrived at fuch notions.Morcover,it loath a wonderful efficacy on the hearts ofmen;it looks into the iomofi clofet and retiring room of the heart; and,likeChrift, it comes and Rands in the midlf of it : when all the doors are flout by obflinacy and unbelief, it awakens and alarums the fleeping firmer, and makes fuch impreffions and deep wounds in the confcience, that it plainly appears no lefs then the arm of God was in it. It Evangelizes the heart, and turns it into its own nature, that it may be a Temple for that fpirit which breaths in the Gofpel. It comforts the heart, and fulls it with joy unfieak, ble and full ofglory.That place Rom. 1.17. was to Luther porta Paradifr, the door of Paradice ; and that i 71m. r. i 5. was a feaof fweetnefs to holy Eilney : finch aerivities as thefe are above the fphear of nature, and fpeak no lets then the divine extraction thereof. Lafíly, to name no more, the very plot and deign of the Scriptures is tranfcendently divine ; all the holy lines run into that central divinity, that God is to be exalted,and man deb4eed. Oh ! what man- ner of felf- denial doth it call for ? how doth it labour to un felve;and as it were un-man us,that God may be all in all ? There Reafon, as fair a lewd as it is.muft vail its beauty in an acknow- lodgment of its own folly, and yield up it felf to be new lighted from heaven.The Will,as free an Emprefs as it is,muii lay by its Crown in a con - fellïon of its fpiritual flavery, and yield up it fell to be made free by grace.The Mau mull be no