Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

I2eciouo Saito, no longer a man in himf If, but a man in Chrijl; clothed in a better righteoufnefs,and aá'ced by a higher fpirit them his own. And how doth it o- pen the glóry,and blazon the arms of God ?how admirably doth it fet him forth in all his Attri- butes ? his eternity is the rock of' ges, his immu- tability an invariable and inconvertible Sun, his righteoufnefl like the great mountains,his decrees and judgments a mighty deep, hir mercy a glory, a mall of riches never to be told over,his bolinef?ac thepure unmixedlight,his juJfice as the devouring unquenchable fire ; In a word,there all the glo- ry of his Attributes pafs before the believers eye : fuch a book as this muff needs be divine. Seeoildly, Thep márks or charafers in Scrip- ture cannot be known Without fipernatural light. Meer reafon receiveth them not ; like the child Samuel,it hears a voice, a found of words, but it knows not that it is the Lord : infomuch that fome have flighted the Scriptures. Fclitianus faid,that he never fpent time to lefs purpofe then in reading them ; and Julian,that there was as geod_iluff in Pindars Odes as in Davids Pfalms. Had they known the word or teflimony of God in them,they would not have crucified them by their wretched blafphetnies : But when the light of Faith comes, the Scripture appears not in letters and words only, but in the divine and heavenly charalers, and by thefe it bears wit - nefs to it felf, that it is the word ofGod. There is a double'cautè of Faith, an ffe5iive came and an objetttive: the effective caUfe is the holy fpirit itilightning the undcraandingand moving the D 2 will; 3s