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plectous fain). 39 Ecele(1e, yet not propter authoritatern Ecclefie. Divine faith bath its Majler in heaven, and its record on high. Secondly,Which follows on the other,this be- lief is a firm and {table thing, becaufe built on the divine authority of Scripture ; zve believe and are fure,faith Peter, Joh.6.6p. Nothing on earth can fo afcertain things unto us, as faith in the divine teflimony. f ulian the Apoftate glorying in the Pagan learning, jeered at the Chriflians, becaufe all their wifdom was but in that one word Credo I believe : but divine faith for all his prophane taunt , bath more fìrmnefs and real certainty in it then all the Sci- ences in the world ; for it fees things in lumi- ne veritatis prime, in the light of the firfl truth, and fits even in the infallible chair ; fo that non poteft JisbefJe fallum, a lye cannot fit under it, and glues the heart to the truth in that manner, that (as the Schoolrnan bath it) true believers , 3 dì/í23: nec per argumenta, nec per tormenta, nec per blandimenta inclinair portent, ut veritatem f al- tem are tenus negent, nothing could turn them away from the truth. So Prong a thing is faith, when it is fet upon the rock, the teflimony of God ; but if it have an humane bottom only, fuck as the Churches authority, it is weak and wavering, more like a fluduating opinion then a faith. Durandus afferts,that Science is more certain than faith, and to that thong objetion, that the divine authority by which we believe, is more certain then any humane reafon by which we know; he anfwers thus, Divina au- D a toritac,