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2ctíougi SOW. . fallen,, out ea{ne that firft Gofpel , the feed of the woman (hall bruite the ferpent.r head Gen, 3.1 5.and facritices were let up : without doubt not without Gods appointment, for God had reffreei to Abel: facrifice ; which, had it been a piece ofwill- worfhip, cpuld not have been,and Abel offered it up by faith, Heb. J i,g.. which, withoùt a divine word, moves not in the leatt ineafure. Thefe facritices were as it were vi- tible Commentaries on that firfi Gofpel, and type: of a fufrring 1Yle ab... And if Lb and fo by Gods own intlitution, it is not at all pro- bable that Gad thould hide the facred meaning thereof totally from the faith of the firs} belie- vers. .edam then, as I conceive, by the eyes of Faith law the r4effiab in that firti Gofpel,and withal] fome glimmering of his fufferings in the facritices : And if he law it , no doubt he did . preach and reveal it to others, and probably Sebola p- rr, nib (as F'ranzius conceives) in a folemn manner at 4 the facritices. Abel ( faith the Apatite) by faith offered up a facrifice to God; not only by filch a faith as did it in obedience to Gods com- mand, but by fuch. a faith, as through his own facrifice did pierce to the antitype, the great fa- m, twit cr'ifice of the Meliah. Thus the learned Effe- sFt. Chri- nits:, cum fäcriia Yeteris 7eftamenti fuerint f 11, t.f 8. typi facrificii Chrifii, ea fides intelligenda e(t,qur3 S. facri fiéium illud refertur ad fitum antitypum, filch a faith was proper to his facrifice. In Noah: facrifice the Lord finelled a tweet favour, of a favour of reft, fuchas did (faith one of the .l 4bbins) make him ab irâ fuâ quiefcere, reft from