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19/edam $attb. from his anger, Gen.S.zt. and therefore furely there was . amore in it then Meer beaf}s and fowls. Noabs faith fetched in him; who was to give himself an offering and (acri, ftce to God for 4 fees- finelling favour. Abraham favi ChrJ s day, that is, his coming and fuffering in the flefh, John, 8.56. a very great fight at that diftance ; and no doubt the faithful Seer did not conceal it , but tell his children and fervants thereof for the glory of the Meffiab his ¡ay was too great to hold it in privately to himfelf,and his zeal too hot to hide fo much of heavenly glory. Under the Levitical Law the Ifraelites were to lay their hands on the head of the facrifice, as it were to disburden themfelves of fin, and lay it off upon the facrí- fce ; and by the offering up thereof, they were to make an atonement or expiation. The unbe- lievers among them underffood the outward rite of the facrifìce ; and did the faithful ones fee no more in it ? Could or did they imagine that a poor filly beaíf could Rand under the weight of fin, or that the blood of bulls or goats could take it away ? No furély ; their faith looked through the outward facritìce to the Meffiah for atonement and reconciliation. In David the Evangelical day broke out more dearly ; O how much of Chrift is there in the I rod/ Pfalm ? there's his kingdom arid eternal priefthood; there's his paffion in drinking of the brook in the may ; there's his afeenfion in lifting up the head ; there's his interceffion in fitting at Gods right hand ; there's his. Church Cathalick, a 43