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4-4 mecfouo ,1aitj. a milling people, made fo by the power of his grace. This was Symbolum Davidiçum, Da- ;to yids Creed (as a learned man hath it) reaching in a manner as far as ours Moreover, the Saints of old by their faith kenned a refurree$i- on and life eternal. lobs faith looked through worms and dull to the vifion of God, lob 19. 26. Abrahams faith travelled beyond Canaan unto the heavenly city and country, Heb. i i.1 o. David is in a rapture at the full joys and right- lian¡l pleafures with God, Pfal. 16. xi. When Cain talked with Abel his brother, Gen. 4. 8. the Hebrew text fets not down what he laid, but it hath an extraordinary pawfe, implying further matter ; the Jerufalem l'argum fays, Cain afherted that there was no judgment, no judge, no world to come, no rewards of evil or, good ; but believing Abel faid there were all thefe, and then his brother flew him : It feems the firft fall out was about the future world. *id ell Wifdom caufes her lovers to inherit fubflance, 1J1 ? ni f or effence (as the original word imports) Prov. futurism 8.21. and this fubJtance or effence is (as force feculism. Jews affirm) no other then eternal life in the world to come. Now to make nay inference from all this ; If faith were in à meafure ex- plicite in -tlgfe early Saints,who had but the twilight of the holy types, and cock crowing of the Prophets', how much more should it be fo in us, who live in the noon-day of the Go- ipel, and as it were direEtly under the Sun of righteoufnefs, in fuch a Church - Rate,; wherein the leaft igrca:er then John $ariff,we thould ex- Pan4