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46 Ortiëtto t b Where there is only an /mpiititc fiith,the*titit I'ies upon the heart all to a lamp; Whole átf& ñ digefied,affording no blood or fpirits of ft} ty to the foul: it is explicite faith Only Which breaks the truth in the heart, and mixes and tempers every holy particle therewith, frot` i whence the foul comes to be changed aM x - tnulated into the truth, receiving a divine like nets from it, according to the t eafure Of' tts faith,more or lefs digefiing the fame mitt 1'ííe heart ; neither can it lately overcátne thte &. and the IA's thereof, this it the 7r' ô . tß at o+ber- enrneth the' 'arld, evieir our fáil3, äi the Ápá- f'de; i 7o .5.4. And this faith loth; by putting a right efiimate of things into the heart : where- by it manifefily appears,that heavenly things do infinitely outweigh earthly in thettielves, anti fliould do fo in theniindsof men. A man of a tneer'implicite faith,is a' man without a ballañte or judgment, he knows not how to eflimate or weigh the excellentthings of Cod, and there- fore is ever' poized down by the world and tlii tufts thereof it is the explicite faith onlywhivÀ is in the foul as the bailance of the Satiduary; rightly determining the true weight of things; and thereby giving heavenly things the ty above earthly in the heart.Oh ! where this is what a feather,a vanity,a nothing is the world?' what in it can weigh againft God,Or Chriff,or'the exeeedistgerernal weight of glotyfurely riothi wherefore the followers of faith becotte cnti- t terors of the world. Foerthly, This belief nmutt be total arid-abfa lut r,