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gl¢ctati0 Saftbi lute, without any falvoes or limitations. The Ovfpel nquit captivate ;t'v Alga, all the intel- it ,oìr evay.ibhigbflo the obedience of atilt, 2 sr^. r 0. 5. Tfië'Keaft mutt not goat large or rá clöti, b t be kept in fafe cuflody under the Gofpol and the myfteries thereof>it is not tt5 be alined t6,rtever fine the fall put an enmi- ty ifitö ir' itgaitlft God.The Socinianr believe the be tiptures only fo at forth as they are congru- ous co reafon thus Socinus profeffes,that if this propofition (thdt Jefits Chri/t fatisfted God for eke fins) were órtee and again extant in the fa- ced tnbnnhcnts, yet non idcirco, he would not therefore 'believe the thing to be fo as we or- dinarily corieeive öf it: And another laies down this for a rule, Nihil- credi pote]t, quod a ratione eapi & inniligi ttelùeat, that cannot be believed by faith,whicheannot be comprehended by rea- fòn.11t feems they will trail God no further then they can fee him, and depend more on their blear-eyed reafon,then the divine oracle.Touch- ing thisSocinian faith,lì (hall endeavour to thew, fall the irratility ofit,and then the natlity. FiO,7he Irrationality of it will evidently ap- pear,if we diftinguith between the two flates of reafon, before the fall of man, and f nee. Resf eft before the fall was a pure and virgin light with- out any #ot in it;afterwards it was detloured and cverfhadowed with the fall, and by that means all that is in the mind of man in his lapfed eftate is not reafon,the blinds and dark ( hades there are not fo, but only that which is the relique of the pure primitive light,and congruous thereun- to 47