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e 'lettouo aíttj fpeak would do in matters of reafon.Thus when our Saviour difcourfed Nicoden0 about regeneration, real n prattled after a firange rate, I- row can a man be born when he is old'? can he enter the f econd time into his mothers womb and be born ? So foolifhly and abfurdly doth carnal reafon carry it felf in fupernatural things. To make this more plain;let us compare the weak - nefs of reafon with the fublimity of holy myfie- ries, and then the fallibility of reafon with the certainty of them. Firff,Let us compare the weaknefs of reafon with the fublimity of holy Myfleries. Reafon, having a bruife in the fall, is weak even in its own fphear: With how much toil doth it creep from letters to words, and from words to Arts and Sciences ? And when it is there, how little Both it know ? Can it fpan the heavens,or mea- fure the vast back -fide thereof, or number thofe golden letters, the oars therein, or underfland the Sun, which to have done, Eudoxus would willingly have been burnt up by it, or in one of its beams : tell what light is, touching which there are no lefs then feven opinions in one of the Schoolmen, which verifies the old Paying, Non confiat ex lumine nature quid fit natura luminis ? To come lower, can it enter into the treafures of the fnow,or ride a circuit with the winds, or take a rational turn with the flux and reflux of the fea, or tell how the maille earth hangs upon nothing or unkennel an occult qua- lity and draw it out to an open view, or unrid- dle a load (lone á in which a late Philofopher would