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P2cctottOa fan; ; his plot was to weaken the authority of Gods word, and when file began to waver about it , and diminifh the peremptory threatning of death,with a leaff ye 4, 7).3. her reafon began to corrupt and become dreggy, which, while pure,could not but affert the truth and veracity of God. Hence the Apoflle fpeaking to the Co- rinthianChurch as a chaff virgin effoufed toChrifi, adds this caution, leali as the Serpent beguiled 'Eve, fo your minds fhould be corrupted from the fimplicity that is in Chri( {,2 Cor. i F. 2.6- 3. ver. That is, take heed of falling off from the pure doctrine of the Gofpel, the head of every man is Chrift, fo much adherence and fabjedion as reafon hath unto him and his holy truth, fo much chaflity and virginity it path ; but as virgin/fa* loon as it elapes, it becomes an adulterefs, and rxentis eu íhould not be fuffered to fpeak in holy things. det: Ára Moreover,the irrationality of it will further ap- e pear,if we confider that the fphear of reafon and the fphear of revelation are two difiind things. The fphear of reafon is filled with natural noti- ons,the elements of mans fpirit ; but the fphear of revelation is filled with fupernatural truths, the didates of God ; Reafon, fo far as it is rea- fon, is a divine fJiark, a petty Prince in its own dominions ; but when it leaves thefe, and paffes over into the fupernatural region, and there,in- ffead of fitting down at Gods feet to be taught and inlightned,affumes the magifferial chair,and falls a judging divine myfteries, it is no 19nger reafon,but a fool and a brute, and fpeaks (im- ply in matters of Religion, asa beaft,if it 'could E fpeak 49