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PaectiuO iîaitb. is in theScripture,but where is thegreateflr mea- fureof it ? fay in good earneft, is there a greater meafure of the fpirit in thy heart then intheScri- pture ?then thou cana unriddle all the Airvónrte, the difficult knots in Scripture; thou cana dive down into that divine abyfs,and fetch up all the holy myfteries there; thy holinefs can hold mea- fure with the length and breadth of the pure fpiritual Law ; thy faith runs parallel with all the promifes, and can tell over all that infinite Mafs of free -grace which is couched therein: the hellifh root of bitternefs once in thy nature, is quite eradicated, and not a firing of concupif cenceleft behind ;thou canfi fay,7 have no fin,and which is the wonder, thy heart doth not deceive thee in faying f ; there are no shades or dark (pots in thy mind,no cracks or flaws at all in thy obedience,no úseQiluaéla eríctas,nothing lacking in thy faith or other graces : All in thy heart and life is as right as the rule, and as pure as the Chriftal fireams in theGofpel.If there be a grea- ter meafure of the fpirit in thy heart then in the Scripture,thus it is with thee : but I hope thou art not fo utterly void of the fpirit and confci- ence,as to fall into fo proud a dream of thy .e- fiate. If thou faiefi thou art clean,that very word pollutes thee,quifquir fe inculpatum dixerit, ant fuperbus antftultus eft,whofoever faith fo, is ei- ther a fool or a proud man.Say then,as the truth is,there is a greater,incomparably greater mea- lure of the fpirit in the Scripture, then in thy heart; and then tell me,what is fitted to be the rule,that which is perk , or that which is im- perfe ±,