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rileciatlo .faitij., di perfeó,that greater meafure of the fpirit in the Scripture, or that leífer, far leffer meafure of the fpirit in thy heart ; common fence will tell thee it belongs to the Scripture. Moreover,the fpirit is in thy heart, and the fpirit is in the Scripture, but where is it plainefl and moll obvious ? where can it be molt eafily difcerned to be the very fpirit of God indeed ?all that is in the Scripture is indubitably of the holy fpirit,but all that is in thy heart is not fo;it may be it is from thy own fpirit;what thou didfl fup- pofe to have been from Gods : nay it may be it is from Satan transforming himfelf into an Angel of light. The Difciplcs would have called for fire from heaven as Elias, but Christ tells them, ye know not of what J irit ye are,Luk.9. 5 5. as if he had faid, you think this motion came from an extraordinary fpirit,fuch as was in Elias, but a- lafs,it is but from your own fpirit,nay from the gall and bitternefs of it, that which you take for zeal,is indeed but revenge.When upon our Savi- ours difcourfe of his fufferings Peter faid, be it far from thee Lord, this (hall not be unto thee, no doubt he thought himfelf right in the thing,but our Saviour calls him Satan for it, Mat.16. 23, his meaning was pious, and as he might think, from the faine holy fpirit which a little before infpired him to make a glorious confeflion of Chriti; but alafs,the devil ated fecretly therein. Of what I find in Scripture, I can immediately and without any more ado pronounce that it is the very voice of the holy fpirit, but of what I find in my own heart I cannot do fo..Firt, the licit