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lardatio fan: light mutt be divided from the darknefs, Gods fpirit muff be ditiinguuhed from mans and Sa- tans. And how filch a piece --)f fpiritual Chymi- ílry fhould be done without the Scripture,I can-- not imagine:Therc may be three different fpirits in my heart, and un : f, I reduce them in a way of trial to the one nut: í }ir± in the Scripture, I maybe eatìlyeheatcd by my heart:wherefore the Scripture, in which the charaicrs of the fpirit are more plain and legible then in my own heart,mufi needs be the rule. Once more let me ask thee O Enthufafí,who crieft up the fpirit,the fpirit aboveScripture,dofr thou feek the fpirit aright,or follow him faith- fully ? I fear thou doefi neither. Thou doefi not feek the fpirit aright, becaufe not in his own way,which now is not in vifions and immediate revelations,but in the Scripture. Thou wouldefi have the fpirit,but wilt not flay upon the moun- tains of the Prophets and Apofiles for him. Thou doefi like Jof ph and Mary, they fought Chrift a- mong their kindred and acquaintance, when he was in thetemple. Thou feekefi the fpirit among thy own fancies and imaginations, when he is in theScripture, My fpirit and my wordsfhall not de- part out of thy mouth faith God, Ifa.59.2 I. Ob- ferve,the fpirit and the word are by Gods own ordinance in a fweet conjunion together, he that funders them lofes both of them.For a man to wave the Scripture and feekthe fPirit,i5 as if he jhould forfake the beams,andfearch after the Sun in fame place where it thine: not.TheFrenchKings ufe to be crowned at Reims,becaufe there is the facred