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66 nectougi 2aíttl. Again,they fay -there is afeculum fPiritus fan- ' eii,an adminifiration of all- fpirit, which is much above all Scriptures and Ordinances ; but that there fhould be fuch aChurch -ftate on earth is a vain dream.There are two manifeftations ofGod unto men,the one dark and through the glafs of ordinanccs,the other by pure and immediate viii- on, as it were face to face.T here are two Rates of believers,the one a ftate of weak and imperfect graces, the other a ftate of perfeó holinefs and purity.There are alto two places,the one is earth, a vale oftears and death ;the other is heaven,a re- gion of all blefTednefs and life eternal.The mani- fellation by ordinances is congruous to weak graces,and fuch a place as earth. The manifefta- tion by pure vifion is congruous to perfect holi- nefs,and fuch a place as heaven. Thus bath the wifdotn of God ordered things. Methinks the Enthufiaff should blufh to fay that he is above Scriptures and Ordinances here.What ?above the glafß,and yet below the bliß- making vifion ; above the channels and methods of grace, andyet below a gate of perf ?ion ; above the heavenly mediums, and yet on earth? Ol: ftrange imagination! What faith our Saviour ?Go,teach and baptize,loe I am with you always to the end of the world, Mat.2 8. 19,2o.Ordinances run parallel with this world, and the ftate which is above them, is only in the ncxt.What faith St.Paul?Apoftles,Prophets,?ea- cher.r,Pafíors,are aÎ! for the per fe6ling of theSaints, Pr the edifying., of the body of Chr ff,Eph.4.I 1,12. Ordinances muff continue as long as weakneffes and imperfeó }ions, and cannot be fparcd till the top-