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p /ectougi ,1aítt,: top -ftone of holinefs and perfetion be laid ití heaven.What faith St.John,fpcaking of the hea- venlyCity?And I faze no Temple therein.,Rev.2 r. 2 2 .NoTemple,no Ord inances,is only for heaven, earth mutt alwaies want and have them. O my foul,enter not into their fecret,which cry up the fpirit,and defpife prophefyings; be thou where Gods honour dwelleth; in the Temple ofOrdi- nances thou mayeft fee his power and glory. Laftly,the Quakers talk altogether of the light within ; which,being as they fay,common to all men, can be no other then natural confcience this is the candle of the Lord,and much magnified by Heathen Philofophers ; this is every mans Demon,faith one : nay,it is theGod in us,faith a- nother.And it is fo in filch a fcnfe as Motes was a God to Pharaoh, preaching the will of God to him ; arid for non-obedience, urging him with dreadful plagues : For it magillerially dilates the will of God, even in the Monarchs of the world ; and in cafe they rebel, it }lath in,- ward flings and fcorpions for them. *id aliud voces animam quàm Deum in humano corpore hog itantem,faithSeneca.Were a 2 ak.r to Englifh it,he would go near to do it thus,The light with. in it Godmanifeft in the fíefh, for in plain terms he will call itChrift,as if the candle could becom a Sun of Righteoufnefs. In the mean time the devil hath a fetch, under the praifes of inward light,to explode the Scriptures.tut we mull re- member,that Confcience which is above man,is yet below God ; and though it be a light and a. rule, yet it mutt truckle under the greater light F ; a 4 .