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bs Pzectouo ,Tatty. and rule in the Scriptures. Take confcience be- fore converlìon,it is clouded and overthadowed with the Fall,dark and blind in fpiritual things; and (hall the blind lead the blind,till both fall into ditch? mull it not go and be new_ lighted at the Scripture?fake heed unto the word as unto a light pining in adarkplace,faith St.Peter, 2Pet.i.a9, The heart of man is'but a dark place, till the divine word thine into it ;it is intoxicated with the love of fìn,and by it,a.s the devils Opium, it sleeps at the top of the maít,in the ocean of low- dangers,and muff it not be rouzed up?ought not the iìlver trumpet of the word to be founded in its ears,to prevent an eternal sleep, and awaken it unto rightcoufnefs ? fhould it not goand wafh in the pure firearm of free- grace,and redeeming blood in the Gofpel ?it may be.it is infeóted with errors, and by thefe Satan bath taken fanduary in the intellectual tower,and utters his own di- dates as from. God ; and mutt it be left in fuck a cafe ? fnould not Satanand.all his lying wares be call out by the word and fpirit ? but becaufe confcience is now at the worft,take it after con- verlìon,are there then no reliques of darknefs which call for more light ? are there no fits of fpiritual drowfineís,which need fresh alarums ? are there no dregs of corruption, which want a new purgation ?are there no (pots of error,which ought to be wiped out ? he that prefumes a free- dom from thefè,hath great reafon to doubt whe- ther there be any fuck thing as converfion found in him ;and he that confeffes them,hath as great reafon to run to the Scripture to have them re- ified: