Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

12etiouU Bach,; wards,and manage it in order to refignation,by fume fuch fteps as thefe following. Fir i-, It ftrikes in the holy light in that man - ner,as to work a clear convition of fin, and this conviction is manifold. Firft, Tl re it a conviiion of fin in its kinds, A ttal and Original.I name A&ual firft,as being moll obvious and firft in the difcovery. There is a convidion of Anual fin ; the believed Law comes home to the heart, and gives it a charge as Nathan to David,thou art the man, thefe and thole things are fins againfi the great God, faith the holy Law,and fo and fo thou hall done,faith the awakened confcience. God (who before had f wed andfealed up hir iniquities in a bag,as the phrafe is,]ob 1+17.) now opens the bag, and Tours out a vaft fum ofguilts, and exaHly.tells over all the fmothered light,and abufed love,and fpirit- quenchings, and forfeited creatures, and buried talents,and broken promifes,and horrible prefumptions,in all amounting to wonderful ar- rearages,and at laft enforcing the poor (inner to cry out;Guilty,Guilty. And after this follows a conviEion of Original fin:The firmer traces up his fins to the impure fountain,and follows every lufthome to the black nefr in the heart ; there; there is the root of bitternefs, the feed -plot and fpawn of all iniquity. Indeed in every actual fin we may,if we have our fpiritual fenfes about us, hear the found of its Mafi-ers feet, even of the reigning corruption within in every an of re- bellion we may cry out of the Pharaoh within, which faith zvvbo is the Lord? in every ad of un- belieE