Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

Pgcíouo . aítb. belief we may complain of theJezn in the heart, which will not receive Chrifl ; we may tall A- dams apple in every fenfual fin, and perceive his imaginary Godhead in every fpiritual Pelf- excel- lency ; in our lives we have many fins, but all in our heart ; there is a flench in vitious a6ions, but the filthy fink of all is within. After fome fach way as this doth God fill our faces with fhame,that we may leek him and refign. Secondly,There it a convi&ion offin in its guilt : The finner comes to fee that whileft he is in his fin,he is but a condemned man ; and fin, unlefs pardoned, will chain him to hell and eternal wrath.God Teems to fpeak to him,as once toAbi- melech,behold thou art but a dead man,thou eaten and drinkeft and fleepeft,but all the while under wrath ; thou art jolly abroad among the crea- tures, but lire and brimftone and an horrible tempeft hangs over thy head. God makes the firmer know where he is, as the Syrians, when their eyes were opened, law themfelver in the midji of Samaria; fo he, when his mind is in- lightned, fees himfelf at the brink of hell and death;without fuch a fenfe of wrath, man is too proud to refìgn:he is naturally a Planáffeh,a for- getter ofGod,and will not turn till he be in chains. Laifh-like,he fits quiet and&fecure, till Dan the judgment come ; hell muff drive him to heaven or elfe he will never come there ; the fiery Laze muji melt hirn, or elfe he will never run into the Gof eel- mould. Thirdly, There it a conviction of the filthinef? of {in ; the foul in every turn from God lofes its F y. light,